Friday, July 16, 2010

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Wall directory is a free online directory, free promotion of website, submits URL of your website, general directory with all categories, free website promotion, free spotting classified ads, pixel advertising online, billboard advertising, and free business listings.

Wall directory is an online directory for pixel advertising (image links). Each image is plotted on a wall in order to represent a geographical business location. Each pixel advertisement directs traffic to your business website when clicked on the image resource. Image directs the traffic to your website. Images can be designed such a way that it should replicate the website content. Wall directory guides you to spot the exact location where you can place your business listing and as well you can review other pixel ads posted/listed in that location.

You can also avail the opportunity of placing your business listings freely in our directory choosing best suiting category from the given list. We also provide free classifieds / online ads where you can place your classified ads at free of cost. Wall directory promotes your business if you make use of it at maximum. We guarantee that your business takes maximum benefits from the digital marketing because we serve all range of clients across the Globe.


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