Friday, July 23, 2010

Learn to make Money Online - Make Money on the Internet

I wonder how bloggers get their earnings on the internet sitting at homes and work on their desired timings. And I explored this one seriously because I m envy on them. It is a great surprise for me how it is made possible for them. And I found that it is not difficult task to earn online. And I strive to get the required information from various sources. I have good knowledge on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and SEM. My confidence sprouted up to make impossible as possible.

The procedure is simple- you have to create a blog from which is very simple and less time consuming. To create blog you need not have the knowledge of html and Php or designing. You have to worry about what to write for content and best keywords for the Meta tags. If you have done creating and sketching the Meta tags. You need to acquire back links to your blog. Back links are parameter for the major search engine like Google, yahoo and Bing to display the results on their first page. Google allots page rank based on the inbound links to the blog/website.

The theory of why you need to get visitors to your site is easy enough to understand. Get your site onto the first page of Google and the other search engines Yahoo and MSN when user searching for a blog or a website with the keyword. This will bring in thousands of visitors a day and some of those many thousands will click on those pesky Adsense ads and Google will share some of their vast wealth with you! The best way of doing this and explaining how it's done is make money. You need to understand the algorithm of Google. If you desire to get earnings online you need to register an account with good Adsense. The more visitors to your site is the more possibilities of tracking traffic to the blog/website. This is the way your blog or website gets placed top on the SERP.

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